Lily of the Sword


I almost didn’t hear her statement over her incessant pen clicking, a tick I had come to expect from her.

“Sir, you seem… over qualified for this position.” 

She rifled through my novella of a resume again, brow scrunched in confusion. 

My nerves quivered. Surely, one of the entries would jog her memory.

She smiled when she reached the final page. It was art.

“I mean ‘Royal Alchemist’ is a bit much.”

“It captured your attention, did it not?” I quipped with a cheeky grin.

She cleared her throat. “Trash is more captivating than this. Sir, you realize this is an HR Assistant position, not Medieval Times?”

Oh, how I’ve missed that staple snark, an eternally endearing trait.

“I am aware. Is this what possessed you to call me for an interview?”

A sigh forced its way from her nose. She placed the document neatly to the side and leaned forward. 

“My supervisor insisted. To her, your resume is pure gold.”

A chuckle rumbled in my chest. At least my enchantments worked on someone, even if they weren’t her or any of her previous incarnations.

“In fact, her mind is already made up. She wants to hire you.”

“Oh?” I smirked and mirrored her position. “So what’s this about, then?”

She scoffed, “I needed to know you were a real person.”

“In that case, why not further satiate your curiosity? Say… Over dinner tonight?”

Aghast, her spine straightened. “How inappropriate! You realize that, right?”

“I’m not hearing, ‘No.’”


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